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Will Tow Trucks Give You A Ride When Your Car Is In Tow

photo of a tow truck and a man

Tow Truck Services are an ideal solution to most problems you encounter on the road. However, by towing your car, they create a new problem for you, how to get to your destination, or at least somewhere safer than being in the middle of nowhere on a motorway. This article covers how tow truck services can be of help for your own transportation needs.

Tow Truck Services are for both you and your vehicle

This means that whilst their primary focus is on towing your car, they have a responsibility of ensuring your safety on the road, in the absence of your car. They will not leave you stranded and go with your car.

You have a part to play in this, by ensuring that you tell them about your intended destination and how many passengers you have when you make the first phone call requiring the service. In some cases, the tow truck driver cannot accommodate you in his towing truck due to factors like insurance, but alternative arrangements can be made to have a vehicle pick you up at the same time that your vehicle is being towed. This can be beneficial in cases where you have many passengers and is likely to cost you less in comparison to getting a cab due to the fact that you will already be providing business to the tow truck service. In some instances, depending on where you want to go, you may not even have to pay for the additional ride they provide.

Can I Insist To Be On The Tow Truck?

Unfortunately, you cannot insist on being on the tow truck whilst your car is being towed. This is because there are other factors such as road rules and regulations as well as Insurance that can prevent you from riding on a tow truck. It is essentially up to the driver to assess the situation and decide against having you on the tow truck. One reason for this might be you being injured, therefore needing an ambulance. Another might be the suspicion that you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In both cases, the tow truck service will still help you to make alternative arrangements and will not leave you stranded, but it is of vital importance to respect what the driver advises you. This also implies that when you call for a tow truck, It is very important to also make disclosures of whether you are injured, or you have been drinking, for the service operator to make relevant arrangements and save you time and money. If for some reason you are not comfortable making such disclosures, you can arrange your own transportation to your intended destination.

In summary, Tow Truck Services will provide you with assistance in getting to your destination. This may come at an additional cost, especially if you have passengers as external transportation may have to be arranged. The decision to have you on the truck solely relies on the driver, who will decide based on a number of factors, therefore, it is expected that you respect their assessment. By doing this, you help them to help you.