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Where To Go For Scuba Diving In The Philippines

If you are in the Philippines and having your vacation, you will find that engaging in scuba diving is one of the best choices you will have during your stay here.

Scuba diving in the Philippines is very popular for many years now because the Philippines was able to maintain some places intact when it comes to marine life. You can also enjoy the adventurous places for deep-sea diving in Philippines to have an extraordinary dive experience.

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So where are the best diving spots that you can go to? Here are some places you can check out for your diving experience:


If you want scuba diving alone as your activity, Anilao is the best place to go. One of the things that it really boasts is that it has the clearest visibility of the sea whether dry or wet season. It is situated in Batangas. It is known to most of the divers because of its accessibility and near the metropolis.


There are many things to do in Puerto Galera. Beaches, nightlife parties, island hopping, strolling around are just some of these many things. Scuba diving is one of them. From Batangas, you need to travel a boat for two hours to reach Oriental Mindoro where Puerto Galera is. Another preferred choice to divers since it is not difficult to reach and there are places to stay during your vacation.