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Types Of Machines Used For Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is a packaging method mainly used by the food industry prior to sale. With this method, the plastic film packaging is sealed after the item is inserted. The purpose of this method is to extend the shelf life of food by removing oxygen from the container. This method requires the use of a vacuum packaging machine; which is available in various forms. Some of the types of vacuum packaging machines are as follows.

A single machine for vacuum chamber:

Plastic bags are usually used for packaging in this machine. All products must be placed in a single room and the air is removed after closing the lid. The heat seal in the room closes the bag. The vent then automatically opens to the outside and the room fills with air. The remaining air in the bag is forced out due to the pressure of this inlet. The product can then be removed after opening the lid. 

This vacuum packaging machine is used for small to medium volume packaging and can also seal liquids. The vacuum machines considered the best food processing equipment supplies & tools via Barnco to seal the food for a longer time with better hygiene.

Vacuum packaging machine Kitchen Line

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Machine with the double vacuum chamber:

The operation of this food packaging machine is similar to a machine with a single vacuum chamber. They also have the ability to seal liquids. The double vacuum chamber machine is used for medium-volume packaging. The lid swings from side to side, which increases the speed of production. They also have an auto-shutoff or spring-weighted shutoff. This vacuum packaging machine is commonly used for processing meat, candy, fresh meat, chocolate, and cheese.