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Types Of Engine Block Heaters

Some engine block heaters are used on the outside of the engine while others are installed inside the engine. Some heat up the liquid while others heat the device. In order to determine the type you want or need, you must first understand how it works. If you are looking for a micro sprint engine warmer then you may browse the internet for details. Let's remove the cord.

Core heater

This type of heater replaces the existing core plug, often referred to as a freezer plug or freezer plug, and heats the coolant in the engine directly using the elements inside the cooler. You can use your car's service manual to find the connector.

Blankets to warm the machine

Engine heat blankets are mounted on top of the engine or mounted under the hood. This dissipates heat through the engine block.

Oil pan heater

An oil pan heater is basically a car heating pad that can be placed in the oil container or any other part of the engine. Usually fixed with magnets or screws, the bearings heat up the oil pan and the oil inside.


The heater uses a wand to replace the dipstick with a long heating element that heats the oil.

Internal heating (circulation)

The internal heater needs some work because it is connected to the cooling hose. The circulation model uses an existing pump to distribute heated coolant throughout the system.

Internal heating (non-circulating)

A non-circulating internal heater is also connected to the cooling hose, but heating is limited to that location.

External heating with screws

The bolt heater is attached directly to the outside of the engine block and heats it from the outside to the inside.