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The Perfect Time For Dementia Care

We are often asked at what point it is OK to move someone with dementia in their own homes into some kind of dementia care or elderly care home if their needs are not enough for full-time nursing care. There is no right or wrong way to do things.

If a person with dementia who live in their own home, being cared for by their spouses or other family members, then they are probably in the best place they can, surrounded by the best care that they can get. You can also look for dementia care in Auckland via

It only happens when the family cannot provide the same level treatment, or find it difficult to cope with the increasing demands on the time and patience, consideration should be given to other options.

When this depends on the individual circumstances. Perhaps the couple, as the main guard is failing in physical health and cannot shop, clean, cook, Launder and cope with the psychological demands of caring for loved ones with dementia.

This is the toughest thing possible to do, to put a husband or wife to an elderly care home and admit defeat. But if you own serious health risk, it may be the only choice.

Dementia nursing care is not what it was. You can expect good food and a welcoming atmosphere. The bedrooms are now almost all en-suite and single occupancy.

Activities have become an important part of daily care home life. There should be programs offered from things to join or event to go to. Arrangements can be made for social activities in the home among citizens.

There is always someone around, the service on tap, things to see, and things to do if you want to join. Maybe institutional care is not a bad thing.