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The Many Environmental Benefits of Choosing Organic Hemp Clothing

Like the textile of organic clothing, flax is equipped with environmental benefits that will make you feel very good about the purchase of your green clothes. It’s less toxic to be produced, it’s better for soil and climate, saving water, land preservation, and very durable, making it a cloth that keeps giving. You can choose the best organic hemp t shirt to feel comfortable and refreshing in summer.

Let’s start with how much better for the hemp environment rather than traditional clothing fibers such as cotton that grows conventionally. To get started, hemp can be cultivated without using poisonous agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. It was because the hemp was naturally resistant to most of the pests and weeds.

While some farmers chose to grow hemp with pesticides and fertilizer chemicals, flax can be planted effectively using cover plants and organic fertilizers. This reduces pollution flowing into our water sources, polluting our land, and evaporates into the air. Moreover, hemp has proven to actually add nutrients to the ground and even cleanse poisons on the ground through phytoremediation. Conversely, conventional cotton farms use 10% of world pesticides and almost 25% of the world’s insecticides that damage natural ecosystems on the ground and drain vitality soil.

Hemp is also a very good plant to preserve a valuable top layer. With a long and strong root, hemp helps increase the top layer of soil and prevent erosion, which is important for the health of the water system and for the long-term sustainability of our agricultural system. We also know that hemp may be the key to helping to fight climate change because it is very efficient in carbon sequences on the ground.