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The Best Plants for Vertical Gardens

You can grow many varieties of plants with a vertical garden plan. Flowers, greenery, vegetables and fruit can all do well with vertical garden techniques – and most of the time, yield more than a traditional, horizontal garden space.

Growing vegetables is especially easy with a growing-up garden because the veggies are off the ground and away from soil-borne diseases and pests. For those of us who love having a garden but have difficult bending and kneeling, a vertical garden is great for harvesting while standing.

Some vegetables that grow especially well in vertical gardens are cucumbers, tomatoes, peas and squash. You'll need to be sure you've chosen the correct structure to support these plants as the weight of some vegetables can topple the vines.

Weeding your garden is practically non-existent and you'll need very few supplies to keep your vertical garden green and yielding. You'll also enjoy the fact that air circulation is better for the plants when growing upright and that watering is required less frequently.

If you're preference is for cascading greenery or flowers, there are many varieties that do very well growing upright. Lantana, creeping phlox, trailing Impatiens and verbena make beautiful green and flowering walls.

Be sure that whatever you choose as a growing structure is secure, especially if you're growing heavy fruit and vegetables such as squash, pumpkins and melons. There are ways to give the plants more support, such as "slings" or wire cages.