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Taking Your Time and Attendance to the Cloud

How can you respond to your company's complex and evolving needs as technology advances? It's no secret that doing paperless work is easier – and more environmentally friendly – but the true value of digital technology goes beyond the usual consumption of paper and ink.

Cloud time attendance systems can add more value to your business than you think. Manually processing time and attendance is inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming. Fortunately, the introduction of cloud-based calculations means a simple and flexible solution that most companies have now.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by moving to a paperless management system:

1. Compliance and accuracy: Help you easily capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll and compliance with labor laws. You can eliminate manual calculations that are prone to errors while maintaining flexibility to meet the needs of your employees.

2. Workflow automation: streamlining important tasks such as vacation requests and permits. Increase efficiency by ensuring that employees are quickly notified when action is needed. When uploading sequences, these sequences can be programmed automatically, planning and estimating less time consuming.

3. Increased self-sufficiency: employees, managers and HR staff benefit from paperless transactions. Employees get access to PTO schedules, schedules and requirements, by taking time for supervisors and HR staff.

4. Integrated solutions: Get ideas about the company and enable more targeted business analysis. Understand the effectiveness of planning based on workforce needs. Measure the actual hours based on estimates. It also gives you insight into trends in workforce productivity and enables intelligent, information-based real-time solutions that use extensive data collection functions.