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A Guide to Video Sales Letters

If I have to guess, I will say that I watch at least 2-4 hours of video content every day. And I'm not alone. According to reports, people watch video content more than before. In fact, consumers continue to use videos as an integral part of their brand's journey and are eager to see more video content next year.

Obviously, people like video content. But what does that mean for sale? Well, combining videos into your sales process can help you build credibility and believe in your prospects. In this post, let's learn how to use videos in sales with a video sales letter. We will discuss the evolution of sales letters.

Video sales letters are videos that pitch your product or service to the prospect. Like traditional sales letters, your video sales letter will attract your prospects, discuss their pain points, showcase your product as a solution, and inspire action. Ideally, your video will also establish credibility and discuss social proof.

The concept is similar to the elevator pitch. The point of the video sales letter is to persuade your target audience that your product can solve their pain points. Video sales letters are the modern form of communication with the ability to cut through the endless noise buyers are increasingly surrounded with. It creates a relatable and more real experience which helps carry the process forward.

Traditionally, sales letters are a piece of direct mail that explains the benefits of a product. If done correctly, they'll be personalized, emphasize the pain points, and offer a solution.