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Advantages of Mediation Over Traditional Courtroom Proceedings

Compared to the tense nature of litigation, mediation provides a valuable tool for alternative dispute resolution methods. In mediation, the two disputing parties meet and discuss issues with a trained mediator who will guide them through the process.

There are many advantages to working with mediation, and many disputants may end up having a satisfactory outcome.

Avoid lengthy litigation

Mediation is much more flexible than a traditional lawsuit proceeding. Since many courts are backlogged, forcing more immediate criminal issues into the schedule ahead of civil matters; it can take weeks or even months for an initial hearing in a civil case. You can also consult with agencies like Atchison & Denman to book a mediation room to resolve disputes.

Mediation, however, can be scheduled with much more ease, since the meeting will require setting up an agreeable time with the other party and a mediator.

Make Your Own Solution

Mediation also allows the involved parties to help contribute to their own solutions in more creative ways. Rather than the win/lose atmosphere in a courtroom, a mediation room can be an open discussion between two parties. The source of the conflict can be explored in greater detail, and parties can work together rather than duke it out in front of a judge. 

An experienced mediator will be trained in how to maneuver around issues with high emotional stakes and will work carefully in choosing words and tone when addressing parties in the mediation room.