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Don’t Let The Music Die Inside You

Through time, I have met and taught many who've regularly said they used to play piano' (or whatever tool ) but gave up'. The talent that might have thrived, simply wilted under the dearth of interest in constant practice and prep for exams. 

In my experience, when folks quit learning their instrument, the majority retain, however little, a fondness/casual liking of what they learned.  If you want to explore regarding music education for adults then, search the browser.

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They may on the odd occasion return to their own instrument if only to play for enjoyment or mess around'. However, the reasons they stopped learning generally indicate they do not tend to go back to their tool soon after quitting.  

It may, therefore, be many years until their interest is revived. Unless you had zero ability and made a small improvement, it would be a mistake to abandon your device altogether because of:- 

The time and money spent towards classes – the expertise and knowledge gained from studying and playing various pieces

– the pride in being able to entertain others

– your Personal joy in being able to play for enjoyment. 

It's clear if as a child you'd be pushy' parents and they drove you difficult to pass your audio exams in bits which were of no interest to you.  The hard work and preparation can be draining and too much for some, completely putting them off their tool when the exams are finished.