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All You Should Know About Bed Bug Prevention

If you have not been affected by bed bugs yet, you will. It's only a matter of time. On the eve of EPA's National Bed Bug premiered on April 2009, the experts at that time referred to the situation as a 'pandemic'. These parasitic creatures were almost eradicated by DDT.

Then we found DDT was a disaster – wreak havoc on the environment, encourage the extinct creatures, bio-accumulate in our body to cause disease. DDT was banned in 1972. They began their rise while the pest control company began using stronger and more deadly poison in their pesticides.

Well, these pesticides lose their bang each time they are used because pests become resistant. So there's the answer. Pesticide Resistance – the main cause of the soaring population of bed bugs! You can rather use natural bed bug sprays to kill them forever. There are several manufacturers like available online offering a wide range of eco-friendly bed bug sprays.

Each pest pesticide exposure time, a certain percentage of life and they convey that the immunity of their children. later generations are not controlled by the pesticide-resistant and soon the entire population – that resistance to pesticides.

The real danger is that stronger, more toxic pesticides are used bio-accumulate in the environment and the human body. Why do you think we have an increase in Autism, ADHD, etc.? Well, that's another story. So there is no solution in the arsenal of synthetic chemical.

This monster can live a year between feedings, the reaction does not appear sometimes up to two weeks later, and they hiders experts who latch on to basically nothing. People take them home and not even know it. Therefore, we have a problem.