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Find The Right Antibody

Finding the best antibody among the thousands offered is only the primary challenge. Reagent qualification, consistent, method validation, reproducible results are critical to success, whether you are conducting discovery research or developing testing for clinical or diagnostic purposes. You can take the help of professionals monoclonal antibody production companies for your discovery and to better understand the methods of antibody production.

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Say goodbye to traditional methods

The traditional way to increase antibodies based on animal immunization is a common approach. However, you can wait months to find that none of the clones meets your needs. Your antigen may not trigger a strong immune response in the animal, or worse, it could be toxic. In addition, many organizations are now actively looking for technologies and reagents that will replace or reduce the use of animals for scientific purposes.

Achieve more

Bespoke recombinant antibodies reduce the pain of finding and testing some commercial products or waiting for bespoke hybridomas to be made. This eliminates the risk of re-validating the method due to product deletion or loss of the hybridoma. The batch-to-batch consistency of recombinant reproduction increases the likelihood of achieving reproducible results across your project. Having antibodies tailored to your specific needs may even allow you to run tests that were not possible before.