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Food Allergy – Due To Loss Of Nutrition

Food allergies not only harm our bodies, they also prevent us from deriving the full nutritional benefits from the healthful foods we do eat. By causing damage to our digestive systems, they can prevent the complete breakdown of foods into essential nutrients, and interfere with the body's ability to properly absorb what nutrients are available.

 This can lead to nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition, even though you might be eating lots of healthy food. If you are also suffering from any kind of food allergies then you can visit to get help from an expert physician.

Another problem is that food allergies can restrict your ability to eat the foods you need. A diverse diet offers maximum assurance that you are getting the nutrients you need, but if you live in fear of a reaction, you might find yourself limiting your diet more than you need to.

For instance, a person with an allergy to swiss chard or silverbeet might eliminate all greens from their diet, when really, they might only be reacting to a particular chemical found in plants of the 'beet' genus. By eliminating all greens, this person is losing many health-giving properties of greens, which are outstanding sources of chlorophyll, calcium, and magnesium.

Many scientists and health practitioners believe that a poor diet and the sheer quantity of toxins that are now present in our food are major factors in this unprecedented rise in the number and severity of allergies over the last decades.