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Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Couples often have an advantage in the costume arena. There are a number of costumes available today that the pair can be used to advertise some of their statuses.

Kermit and Miss Piggy: You can either go with a premade costume or create your own. If you want to make your own, Kermit can dress a large long-sleeved shirt and green pants, with green socks. Get a green headband, black paint, and glue. You can also buy festival hair accessories online to make your Halloween costumes.

Cut the ball in half, and glue each piece to a headband, far enough apart to look like Kermit's eyes, but not so far that you have earplugs. Paint black spots on the ball for students. Wearing a headband and green paint your face, and instant Kermit.


For Miss Piggy, visiting second-hand shops, and find a fancy dress. Buying a curly blond wig, and a pig snout. Also, get some pink felt and headband. Cut the ear-shaped pieces of felt, and glue them in an upright position on the headband.

Thick with eyeshadow makeup is outrageous, then don your clothes, wigs, and muzzle. The position of the headband on your wig, patting the curls to hide it, but let the ears show.

Superhero comics: If one or both of you have a passion for comic books, consider cooperating and will as your favorite comic book hero and sidekick.

Pharaoh and Cleopatra: You do not see a lot of costume Egypt again, and that's a shame. Many of them can be made simpler or bought cheaply, and they feel comfortable. For both, make sure you dig up some liquid eyeliner and use Google to search for ancient Egyptian art.