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Train Your Managers With NEBOSH Certificate Training

If you have hired a new manager or supervisor, it is important to provide training for them. An important area to cover is health and safety. Your duty as an employer is to provide training to ensure that everyone is capable of doing their job.

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Train Your Managers With NEBOSH Certificate Training

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Managers and supervisors have a legal and ethical duty to assist with health and safety in your workplace, and you should ensure that they are dependent on the job. The NEBOSH certificate can be the ideal training required for your employees to manage your work environment effectively and within the law.

Types of Training Which Are Available

You can decide whether to send your workers to one of the many training centers in the United Kingdom. The training course is organized during the year so that it may not be possible until you enroll your supervisor or manager.

What is Covered on the NEBOSH Certificate Course?

If you are concerned about eligibility, it may help to learn more about it. NEBOSH is the National Board of Examinations in Occupational Safety and Health. This Is a Great qualification to provide your workers who will learn the required skills to help manage safety and health, also, to perform other essential tasks for example:

  • Controlling workplace hazards, mitigating risks and conducting risk assessment
  • Identify fire hazards and work on fire processes
  • Identify work and environmental factors that may adversely affect health
  • Learn the procedure for reporting and investigating incidents
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring
  • Record findings from risk assessment and health and safety audit
  • How to communicate and develop health and safety culture within your organization

NEBOSH Certificate Examinations in Order to Qualify

When classroom materials are delivered, each candidate is required to sit an exam. The written test lasts for 2 hours. Along with this test, there is a practical assessment that must be done and done within the stipulated deadline. If the deadline for practical assessment is not met then the candidate will fail the entire course.