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Food and Drink Tips for Outdoor Parties

Choosing the right table price can make your next garden party unforgettable and stress-free for your guests. Whether you're entertaining five close friends or 50 guests, follow these simple principles to make the smartest food and drink choices. 

Choice of food- Choose a menu that matches the atmosphere of your outdoor party. Keep it simple for smaller, less formal gatherings – snacks like french fries and gravy or salsa, mixed nuts, fruit cabaret, sliced and dipped fruit, cheese and biscuits, or cold cuts of meat and cheese go great. 

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Cocktail Party Hosting Tips, Food and Drink Menu Ideas

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If possible, choose dishes that can be served at room temperature – dipping sauces, fruits, vegetables and Insala Caprese – all fit the bill – recipes that don't require an oven or stove make party preparation easier and keep the kitchen cool during the night of the season. warm heat. 

Also, serve foods that can be prepared in advance and don't need any finishing touches before eating. When planning a full menu for your guests, choose the main starter and a few complimentary feasts. 

For example, grilling is the traditional choice for backyard gatherings – you can fry the meat on time and then grill it right before you eat to warm it up and coat it in your favorite barbecue sauce.