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Ways to Start a Fire in an Emergency Situation

There are many skills that are helpful in a survival situation, like when you are lost in the woods or your car has gone off the road in a remote area. Able to make heat and light is one of the first things you want. If you want to prepare for an emergency, you must have at least one of these with you at all times. 

Matches and Lighters

This is the easiest and the most people are ready to use. But if you are not a smoker, you might forget to keep the matches or lighter in your pocket. No need too many skills to start a fire with one of these during dry and lighter matches have fuel. If you want to know more about the Firestarter's then you can visit at

Stone and steel

You will need a little exercise to operate steel and steel successfully but you can turn on hundreds of fire from one stone so you are not worried about anything that runs out. The idea with this is that a sharp strike of steel against flint will create a shower of hot sparks. With the right tinder and a few gentle puffs of air, you can get a fire going.

Most of the initial firefighting products that you can buy have parts of stone and steel installed with short straps or lanyards so they are kept together. Some are a little more complicated and work more by pressing buttons or triggers, and steel strikes against stones by internal mechanisms.