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How to Avoid Burst Plumbing Pipes

The most frequently cited reason for water damage is a ruptured plumbing pipe. In turn, water damage is among the most frequently filed homeowners insurance claims. The damage caused by a broken pipe is often extensive and this is the reason repairs and reconstruction cost an enormous amount. You can also search online to hire a plumber for burst pipe repair.

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The water damage can result in rotten wood, rusty steel, mildew, mold, damaged carpeting, furniture and subfloors that are warped cracks in slabs and wood and drywall swells, collapsed ceilings, and, of course, damaged pipes Repair and replacement. 

In addition, depending on the severity of the damage, the repair will cost anywhere between several thousand dollars as high as $50,000 or more.

This is why the prevention of burst pipes is essential for your home and mental health. The best way to stay clear of this common cause of flooding is to follow appropriate plumbing precautions. 

Burst Pipe Prevention

Begin with your plumbing supply lines outside. It is essential to protect the water supply lines which are exposed to the outside weather. This is the case for the water supply lines to sprinkler systems, hose bibs hot tubs, and swimming pools. 

However, it also lines for water supply that is located along exterior walls of garages, basements, attics kitchens, bathrooms, and many more.

Make sure that all cracks are sealed within your pipes. Repair any damaged caulking around tubs, sinks showers, toilets as well as plumbing fittings.