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Hammertoes: Diagnosis and Treatment In Reisterstown

Hammertoe is a common name for a toe that is bent. Hammertoes can be caused by the genetics of arthritis, genetics, improperly fitting shoes as well as feet too high arched or flat. Genetics cannot be changed and, most of the time it is impossible to keep arthritis at bay. However, you can wear shoes that are comfortable (that don't clog the toes and are bulky rather than pointed).

If you have high arched and flat feet, then you might be able to slow down or stop the progress of hammertoe deformities. If you’re suffering from hammertoes deformities, or staying in Reisterstown. Then you can easily find a center for the treatment of hammertoes in Reisterstown.

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Consider the toes like straight hinges balancing on top and bottom by a tendon. When your arches are too high it could result in an extreme drop at the front of your foot. This can cause more stress on the ligaments which draw the toes upwards. In the event of this then the tendons on the bottom will respond by pulling them down. The tug of war is what causes the toes to flex at the hinges, which creates the so-called hammertoes.

In contrast, a podiatrist's foot causes the tendons that run across the joint, through the arch, and then towards the toes to pull the toes. The pull occurs at an angle from the arch toward your toes. As the muscles on the bottom of your toe are pulled in one direction while the tendons on the top attempt to pull the opposite way and cause bending of the hinges or the hammertoes. In some instances, the use of the orthotic (arch supports) in your shoes could reduce or stop the progression of your hammertoe-related deformities.