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Factors Influencing the Selection of Building Materials in Chatham

Proper selection of building materials is important for all type of construction works. Especially in buildings, if the Chatham building supplies are properly selected it can make a huge difference in the project cost, maintenance cost, durability etc.

chatham building supplies
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Following are the main factor that influences the selection of building supply materials:

1.Building Materials Availability

Availability plays a major role in the selection of building materials because if materials are locally available transportation cost will be lower and the materials can be bought in smaller quantities based on convenience.

Plus the chances of getting cheated by the local suppliers is lower than others because they usually care for their reputation in their service area. So it is best to select the locally available material for the construction of your building.

2. Type of Structure

The selection of building materials varies based on the type of building. For example, If the structure is a load-bearing structure choose best quality bricks for construction, because bricks are the primary load-carrying element in the load-bearing structure, whereas, for framed structure, high strength bricks are not necessary because concrete members are the primary load-carrying elements

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Naturally, cost-effective materials will take precedence over other materials, provided other requirements are met. Cost is a major concern for all stack holders involved in the project.