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Breast Implants – Choosing the Best Implant Size For You

To date, most patients have not spoken to their plastic surgeon about the shape or profile of breast implants. When you select a breast implant of a specific size, you will get a predefined forward projection of the implant. You can now choose a size and, if you like, let this size protrude more or less beyond the normally defined base diameter. 

The first choice you have to make is the shape; The second option profiles. The shape refers to the actual shape of the implant, round or anatomical. To have a look at different shapes and sizes you can browse some sites like

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Profile refers to the distance the implant protrudes from the breast wall. The third option is the implant surface. Because women's breasts come in many sizes and shapes, and the goals of breast enlargement vary from patient to patient, there are different shapes. For some women, circles work best; For others, tear implants are a better choice. Breast shape greatly affects the appearance of the breast.

Considerations include:

  • The patient's body type

  • The amount of breast tissue the patient has.

  • Surgical incision options

  • Breast implant placement


Of the two types of implants, round breast implants are the most commonly used type for breast enlargement. Round implant shaped flat ball. Some round implants can increase the forward projection of the breast, which should require a larger implant with a wider base. For women who want fullness at the top of their breasts, circles are a great option.

A drop

As the name suggests, these cracks which are also known as contour breast implants are shaped like cracks. The chest reaches a slightly sloping contour with tears. Although the top of the breast with tear implants is not as full as breasts with round teardrop implants, they often provide a larger volume projection.