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A Short Guide On Boiler Maintenance In Victoria

Do you have a water heater for this winter? how about next year? Confused? Yes, you won't get the same surgery year after year if you don't take care of it properly. A good boiler maintenance schedule consists of regular monitoring, adjustment, cleaning, and lubrication of various parts of mechanical equipment. Boiler maintenance is either protective or corrective. You can also avail the benefits of an online boiler maintenance course at

Protective maintenance tasks tend to be routine and aim to prevent damage and extend the useful life of the equipment, whereas corrective maintenance is the repair or replacement of parts required in the event of an accidental breakdown.

Protective support

Gentle care begins with initial commissioning. This is the most important step affecting the boiler. The boiler must be commissioned by an authorized body of the manufacturer. Since a proper start is important, here is the sequence of steps outlined,

• Check all gauges, controls, water glasses and drains, safety valves, and more. Also, look for debris from fire and water. Check the interior for fabric, scrap, and tools.

• Turn on electrical equipment to check operation and ensure lubrication of rotating parts. Fill with water and bring to a boil immediately to remove dissolved gases and prevent corrosion.

• Water in the boiler must be controlled and maintained at an appropriate level. The water column must be monitored to ensure the connection is clean and that the water returns to the correct level in the gauge glass when the drain valve is closed.