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What to Expect in a Trip to India?


India is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world of people who are looking for a unique and exciting vacation experience. If you are interested in this country too, there are a few things you should expect on a trip to India that is different from your country. Here’s what to expect:-

Heat – Of course you India is hot but many people are still surprised at how hot it is. There is also a lot of humidity, so you will sweat a lot. Be sure to drink a lot of water, wear hats and caps, and wear clothes that breathe and are light. 

Crowds – The country is crowded. It feels like there is always a parade going on or something. However, this is part of India’s charm. The hustle and bustle are what many people come to experience. The crowds are, however, mostly in the city area. The rural areas in India are not crowded, and very lush green. 

Traffic – This is something that bothers most travellers. There are traffic snarls everywhere, and the drivers on the road can be quite unruly. However, if you are going to India with a touring company, you don’t have much to worry about as the arrangements are well-made. 

Food & Water – Saying food in India is delicious is an understatement. It is highly encouraged that you try the food but you have to be careful if you are sensitive to spices. Also, always drink purified bottled water as the water in India can be harsh on foreigners. 

So, be mindful of the things mentioned above and you are going to have a great time in India. Look for good North India tour packages that will care for you throughout your trip.