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Tips From An Ex-Addict: How To Stop Smoking Cannabis?

Do you want to quit smoking cannabis but aren't sure how or even where to begin? You aren't alone. People who become addicted to cannabis have many obstacles to overcome when they get ready to stop.  You can also visit barneys delivery to get the best medical cannabis which is good for your health.

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Here are three tips to help you on your way.

Take it one day at a time:

Don't get ahead of yourself.  We know you want to get through a week without smoking, but you need to get through a day first.  So every day when you wake up, your goal needs to be to go the entire day without smoking marijuana. Then repeat this process the next day.  

Tell Other People That You Are Quitting:

Let your friends or anyone else who knows you smoke that you plan to quit.  This will let them know to avoid talking about it and doing it in front of you.  This is crucial. One of the main causes of relapse in marijuana users is that their friends provide temptation.  

Telling them not to do it around you and asking them to support your decision can make it much easier to stop smoking cannabis.  It helps to have people on your side, and catch you when you fall down.  

Be prepared:

Before you ever quit, take the time to think of the possible situations that you are going to face when you stop smoking cannabis.  Then decide on what your reaction will be when the situation arises.  This will prevent having to make split-second decisions when you are weak from withdrawals.

Putting yourself through scenarios before they happen, and choosing the right outcome, will strengthen your resolve to make that decision when the situation actually happens.