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Tips on Protecting Your Passwords

If you have 50 sites such as banks, investment and shopping sites you use a different password for, you use a different password for each site that you do not? To keep track of them all you have to use a good password manager. You can know more about enterprise password management and powerful security software from various web sources.

Password managers will keep track of all your passwords. They will recommend a strong password, store it in the cloud so you can use them on different devices, and most of all very encrypt your password so that only you have the encryption key.

These are the basics of password managers, from here the different software companies will add on things like credit card management, personal information storage, and many other add-ons. The most important thing is to use a very strong "Master Password".

Even if you want to do all the right things some sites will not let you. Some do not accept symbols and may limit the length of passwords. If you are not satisfied with the policy of the site password, do not shop there. Search for other stores that sell the same product. Remember you have control of your password.

Use a very strong master password

When there is a breach of data there is not much that you can control unless you password. You have to decide if and when you need to change it. Remember it is much easier to change the password and then dealing with stolen where the bad guys can get into the bank account or your credit card account.