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Meditation: Choosing the Right Meditation Pillow

Choosing the right meditation cushion can make all the difference in the success of your meditation sessions. Many people will attempt to meditate without any support when they first learn the technique. It is difficult to maintain a good posture for long periods. 

Before you decide to buy Zafu – the best meditation cushion, you need to know where you will be meditating. You will need a different type of meditation pillow if you are meditating on soft grass than if you are meditating on concrete or wooden floors.

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A lightweight pillow with a soft inner fill is sufficient if your meditation session will be done on grass. For this type of session, a nylon-based fill will suffice. A machine-washable meditation pillow is a good option.

A two-stage pillow is recommended for meditation on hard surfaces such as concrete or wood. The base of the pillow is made from firm foam and the top of the pillow is made of duck down or soft synthetic fill. If you place a regular pillow on hard surfaces for a prolonged period, you'll find it difficult to stand up, and more importantly, you'll feel sore back. 

You can buy quality meditation pillows from quality suppliers that include back support. These meditation pillows are similar to chairs for the ground. This style of meditation pillow has a key advantage: by keeping your back straight during meditation, you can help control your breathing.

It is a good idea to test your meditation pillow before buying it. Make sure the pillow supports your weight. Also, ensure that your pillow supports your back while you're sitting down and that your head doesn't sink into the pillow.