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What are the Different Types of Cloud Computing?

Storage and archiving services are very useful for most companies. They are different, but they are intended to allow users to store and archive all their files in the cloud so that anyone can access them at any time. Public, private, & hybrid are three types of cloud services that are very different from each other. 

Public Cloud

Most of us already use public cloud when they have access to their e-mail, for example through Google or Hotmail. Services are only provided via the Internet, which makes it very efficient and inexpensive. This is usually a good solution for freelancers and sole traders.

Image Source: Google

Private Cloud

The private cloud limits access to services for, for example, certain groups of people. Your work is stored in your cloud provider data center or on a server in your office. This is usually a good solution for small and medium businesses, or for those who have serious security problems that need to be followed.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Dictionary Definition is something that contains two types of components that produce the same or similar results. This applies to cloud computing because companies use private cloud access to the cloud for odd moments of high utilization. This solution is great for large companies that can expect a sudden flow of web traffic or requests.