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Different Type of Custom Pool Covers

You will soon have to cover and close the pool . There are many options available for winter covers for oval, rectangular, and round inground pools. However, if you have an unusual shape, water feature, or raised walls, a custom-made pool cover is recommended. 

In less than 3 weeks, custom-made pool safety covers can be manufactured and shipped.  You can find one convention pool cover  for your inground pool.

custom pool covers

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Our custom mesh covers offer unparalleled safety. All of them come with a minimum 10 year warranty. Your coverage will be complete. Safety covers that are more costly have stronger, denser, lighter and more durable materials and warranties.

Safety covers in solid or mesh

It is important to choose between mesh or solid material. Both types provide safety benefits, but solid and mesh safety covers have their relative advantages.

Mesh safety cover is made from a dense mesh fabric of reinforced polyester ethylene. The pool will be able to withstand snow and rain. To accommodate the gradual increase in pool water level during off-season, the water level will be lowered by 12-18 inches after closing the pool. Mesh covers are lighter than traditional solid covers and so are easier to use. 

Solid safety covers made from a PVC reinforced vinyl cloth and available with a mesh drain panel or completely solid. A solid safety cover has the advantage of blocking all sunlight. This reduces any possibility for algae to grow underneath it.