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Easy Steps To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Planning is key to making this system work. It may seem scary to some, but planning is essential in making this system work. This simple technique can be used to save money on grocery shopping by anyone, even the most inept.

People “plan” everything every day. While some people’s plans may not be as clear as others it is still a plan. How you organize your weekly and daily activities will determine how you incorporate this plan into your life. In nowadays you can buy your groceries online at and buy thinly sliced pork chops for your pork recipe.

When my children were young, Sunday evening was my best time to plan, inventory, and create my weekly menu. This is the essence of what it all boils down to. It’s not difficult and not rocket science. It will just require you to be consistent.

To create a plan, you will need to “take an inventory”. It is important to know where you are starting from and what you already have. You need the basics. This is what I refer to as simple spices, ketchup and mustard, eggs, milk, and so on. This will allow you to establish the basic inventory for your family after using it for several weeks. Next, you will need to create a weekly menu.

This menu may vary depending on the size of your family and their age. The basic “system” is the same. Be consistent and plan your menu.