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Important Documents To Shred To Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming an increasingly serious problem. Most of us realize this, but it's also something we don't always do to avoid.

One of the biggest threats comes from something that many people ignore – paper letters. Many, if not most, of these emails, contain personal information that criminals can use to steal your personal information.

Most of your email must be destroyed before it can be discarded. Below you will find our instructions on which documents you really need to destroy. To get secure document shredding services in Perth you can visit

1. Documents containing financial data

This may be the most obvious one, but it takes into account all the information contained in bank statements, credit card accounts, or business card statements.

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Of course, you need to save these documents, but 3 years must be more than enough. Anything that is more than 3 years old must be deleted.

Although checks are used less frequently today, all checks that are canceled or canceled must also be destroyed. All online orders containing financial data must also be destroyed in this way.

2. Anything that contains personal information

The information that the criminal really looks for is your personal information. Once they have this information, they can do what they want with it.

Of course, your full name and date of birth are key to this, but also consider social security numbers, mother's maiden name, and others who are often asked for information.

Everything that contains your address – almost every shipment and telephone number must also be shortened.

What Are The Advantages Of Document Shredding Services?

If you are not familiar with on-site shredding services, you can use an external shredding service. One of the main limitations of this service is that customers may not be able to experience the shredding process.

Most shredder providers now solve this problem by providing digital records about the destruction of sensitive documentation so that customers can see it with the shredder certificate. You can check various online sites to get confidential document destruction services in Perth.

Demolition services for emergencies:

By providing services on request in an emergency, companies can quickly destroy documents according to your situation and expectations. This service uses a mobile shredding vehicle to carry out the shredding process immediately.

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Product destruction:

If your company uses hard goods to store confidential information, it is important to dispose of them effectively. Product disposal services destroy solid items and electronic waste such as credit cards, CDs, hard drives, and others without lagging.

These are some of the most popular fragmentation services for businesses in all industries. If your company uses electronic products such as audiotapes to store data, it is best to take advantage of the destruction of the product.

Select a service depending on the type of document and privacy. So choose the best document destruction service to solve legal and ethical issues that arise for business owners and managers.