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Non-slip Floor Treatment Options For Retail Stores

If you own or operate a retail store, a slip accident can be a very real problem for your visitors and employees, leading to liability and expensive lawsuits. Anti-skid flooring products and applications can help solve floor safety problems and effectively prevent these accidents, but only if skilled products, techniques, and workers are used. 

There are many flooring options to choose from if you want to identify and deal with the risk of falling onto the shop floor. The best high friction surface treatment depends on various factors and considerations.

The most durable commercial flooring options for high-traffic areas

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Facts and Statistics:-

• Nearly one in three claims for employee compensation is the result of a fall during a work accident.

• Slipping incidents cost millions of dollars each year in medical expenses alone. If the costs of legal action were included, that number could run into the billions.

• This type of incident is a prime target for fraud. Having an application for non-slip floor maintenance on clothing store floors eliminates the possibility of fraud and prevents shop owners from taking responsibility.

• Because of these types of incidents, more than 1 million people visit local emergency rooms worldwide each year.

• To defend yourself from falling liability lawsuits, the average cost is about $ 50,000 per accident. The cost of applying anti-slip treatment to floors is insignificant.

Store maintenance obligations:- Non-slip floor care applications and products can help you meet or exceed legal maintenance obligations and avoid liability for accidents in the event of a fall. By inspecting floor slippage and thoroughly assessing the shop floor, all risk areas and floor areas can be identified. This protects the owner from being blinded by hidden risks.