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How Coin Master Got People Hooked To Slot Machines

Coin Master has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play only. It is currently in top charts in the top-selling games.

While it is the largest market (by the user) for the game, it is printing money around the world. Coins Master is making $ 11 million per month globally.

In the game, you can build and upgrade buildings. You also can attack other player’s bases while defending your own. Players have to collect coins and spins to remain in the game and move ahead. Players can also collect coin master free spins via

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Coin master game’s appearance and the ease the use makes it more interesting and addictive to the players.

'Build and Battle' will be a summary for Coin Master. Every action in the game is driven by Slot Machine in return.

What Makes Coin Master Significant

Coin Master combines two very different genres: building & playing. Game developers should ask themselves, "How do we re-imagine mobile slots?"

And this is what gives Coin Master a meaning. In a world where the traditional video slot is not growing mobile game, Coin Master and others like pirate Kings shaking everything.

In many countries, where the slot is not part of the culture, Coin Master has done the impossible by reaching the top in the best-selling position.