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Different Applications for Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is quite simple cultivating soil for increased stabilization. It can be used on all surfaces that require soil stabilization. Soil Stabilizers can be used on dirt roads or for the following applications:

Transport Roads and Mining Roads: Mines are often located in the most remote sections of roads. In the absence of an easy-to-build asphalt road, soil compaction must be carried out so that heavy equipment and trucks can transport debris to and from the mine. 

Roads and Utility Roads: These roads are often unpaved and can affect the local traffic that depends on them.

Forest roads: Like mining, logistics and transportation are very important for forest companies. Access to and from the logging site is essential for smooth work.

Pads for Lakes and Lagoons: Proximity to water can often affect soil stabilization.

Parking: Unpaved parking lots can create problems for vehicles that need access. This is a great alternative to laying asphalt, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Container yards: Container yards are often subjected to high loads and can be stabilized to ensure safe storage or heavy loads on containers.

Runways and Heliports: Some ground stabilizers also offer dust control benefits, which benefit both runways and heliports.

Erosion Control: Many stabilization products also provide erosion control benefits by preventing and controlling erosion caused by water or wind.