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How To Trap A Gopher In A Natural Way

Pests and crop eating animals are a problem for every farmer and land owner. Crops attract crows and will seize opportunity when they do not watch them. Hence, scarecrows are made. However, there are some animals that are hard to shoo away. One such animal is a pocket gopher, another species of rodents. Hence, farmers want to know how to trap a gopher without using harmful chemicals and sharp trappings.

Some people want to find a more natural way, a humane way, to trap the gophers. They understand that this is not as effective as the primary methods to remove them. The said methods are trapping, baiting, and gassing kills the animals which they cannot stomach. Hence, they found a way around it to remove these without killing and poisoning them.

In fact, they have found ways to prevent their festering on the grounds. One such method is using castor oil or its granules. This is one of the effective ways to repel them and other animals from eating the roots of crops and grass. The good thing about this is it will not harm your plants, grounds, and animals. Place this directly on the ground and water it down to let it get absorbed in the soil.

Another type of oil that gophers do not like is peppermints. You can pour this on cotton balls and other absorbent items. Afterwards, place this at entrances of the fresh mounds and tunnels. You do not have to worry about poisoning them since this oil is not lethal. This natural oil controls the gophers and rid them from their underground cave.

One household item that can help you is fabric softeners. Dried sheets that have been soaked in these solvent will rid you of these gophers festering your farm and lawn. Particularly, they cannot stand the smell of dryer sheets. So, stick the freshly laundered sheet into each hole to keep them away

You can also install an own box near it. This works like the scarecrow which will deter the gophers from stepping foot onto the property. Even if you have no pet owl, they will get attracted to this box as a place for rest and sometimes home. The thing is, gophers possess the smarts which helps them in surviving the wild. Thus, they will avoid entering since they understand that the owls will scare them away due to their dominance.

Ultrasonic repellants are effective in driving them and mosquitos away. This device releases sound waves of high frequencies that will hurt their sensitive sense of hearing. You can easily buy these at department stores and online shops under home improvements. The device is powered by battery or solar which makes it very portable. Just make sure that you hide this well from being snatched by kids and scratched by animals.

Although gophers eat plants, especially their roots, there are some plants that are able to deter them. These are types of flowers whose smell affect their senses. Some examples are salvia, rosemary, marigold, and lavender. Plant these along the fences or outside the crop and vegetable sections as protective borders.

Artificial grass can protect sections of the lawns and yards that are prone to digging. The only requirement is you have to install this properly to ensure its materials will not allow them to dig through it. Doing so ensures that they cannot create tunnels. Note that their ideal spot for crawling through the surface is clearance from roots.