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Engraved Glass Corporate Awards For Employees

No matter how large or small your business is, your employees are your greatest asset. You couldn't run your business on a daily basis without them. 

Wouldn't it be a good idea to reward your employees for their outstanding service, hitting sales targets, and other aspects of their work performance? It will be nice to give your employees a Clear or Colored Crystal award.

Simple Awards Ideas

It doesn't take much to engrave glass corporate awards. You can get a small paperweight to put on someone's desk, or a whiskey tumbler for their home for as little as PS40. This includes engraving the sentiment. 

It is possible to have their name and date of award engraved. You can also include the reason they received their glass gift, e.g. Salesperson of the Month, outstanding customer service feedback, etc.

You have many options for simple, glass-engraved corporate awards. You can also give one to each employee who wins the award multiple times. A tier system can be created to allow employees to earn higher-quality awards for repeat outstanding performance.

Although it may seem like a lot, studies have shown that engraved glasses not only create a positive work environment but also foster a sense of competition among colleagues who are trying to win such awards. It's not just that awards are presented, but the fact that they are personalized is what makes them worthwhile.

Special Occasions

Employees can also receive engraved glass corporate awards to commemorate special occasions, anniversaries, and retirement. 

An engraved glass corporate gift or award is a great way to commemorate any occasion. Engraved glass is unique because it can be personalized in a way that makes it memorable.