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Some Important Questions To Ask Your Website Designer Before You Hire Them

Choosing a website designer often seems to be full and too complicated. But a bit like a car, there is more going on with the site than meets the eye. Use this checklist to narrow your preferred site designers to make sure that you get a good, functional, design websites that meet or exceed your expectations. You may also visit to get the best web designing services.

Check their portfolio

It is a shop window designer and should show a variety of different sites they have designed.

Make sure that their website showed still online – if the site is no longer present, the portfolio is not up to date.

If they show thumbnails, check that it actually looks like a thumbnail. If not, it is a sign of the possibility that the new design has not been used.

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Do they use WordPress?

While some designers will sigh at the web site you ask that question, it is still good to ask.

Over one in every five new sites are now using WordPress. And there's safety in numbers! This means that if you are a website designer to disappear from the earth or change of direction or you fall out with them, you do not stick.

If your site is based on the designer store you should suggest something like ZenCart or Magento but instead, unless you are particularly complex needs, they must use WordPress, the market leader.

Will the price transparency?

Although WordPress is free it does not mean that a designer is free as well. That's fair enough.

Extras included may or may not be charged. This includes the actual design of the site – if the template is freely available then you have to open the designer about it. Some less than scrupulous designers have been known to cost thousands of designs that they bought off the shelf for under £ 100. Make sure you do not get caught out!

What will be a search engine optimized website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a universal skill.

While you do not have to always expect your website designers to fully conversant with all the latest tips and tricks, there are some components of SEO that have been around since the Internet was born.

Check the website designer you have at least a basic knowledge of SEO and that they would ensure that at least the page title, page description, and headlines in your new website tweak accordingly. If they are writing a copy for your website then that should be good enough SEO'd well. If you provide a copy then make sure that they at least make a suggestion if it was not up to scratch.