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Side Effect of Thumb Sucking on Baby Teeth

A Habit of Thumb Sucking is very common in babies who stay abroad. But it has been seen that these days in many countries parents are giving the pacifier to babies at a very early age, just to stop their babies from crying. Some mothers are lucky to see their baby thumb sucking in their ultrasound, before the birth of the baby. But the same habits will later become an issue for many parents.

Thumb sucking is found very common in babies below 2 years old. The reason behind baby thumb sucking is they feel calm, relax, and comfortable in sucking. And especially the babies who are on bottle feeding.

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Some babies are in the habit to go in sleep while thumb sucking. They are so used to of thumb sucking that later it became very tough of parents to break this habit.

When your child is 2 or 3 years old, he or she should leave the habit of thumb sucking. Otherwise, it will create hurdles in permanent front or other teeth eruption.

Now the time has come and you should not allow your baby or toddler to continue thumb sucking anymore. Stop encouraging him further to keep his thumb or fingers in his mouth.