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RuneScape The Blood Pact Quest Guide

The next space you hit consists of Cailin and she'll use magic to strike you. There's a hole from the floor separating you from her and you will need to get close enough to strike; while at the same time coping with the attacks coming your way.  There are many companies like kqix that provide old school Runescape gold.

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Use the arrow and bow which you took from Kayle and you should acquire this only one uncomplicated also.  When you've disabled her ask more questions as well as you'll learn more in the Zamorak plans. Hold her things and head onwards with your pursuit and find the best place to buy old school RuneScape gold.

The last person you will need to confront could be the warrior Resse. Make certain you equip the staff you've just taken from Cailin and head along the staircase. This cultist is really the simplest from the comprehensive lot to beat.  

Whenever you have executed this it is possible to question him, but before you are able to hold his stuff he'll swallow a poison. You've found Illona; talk to her briefly before taking her out from the dungeons.

You're now virtually finished RuneScape the blood pact. All you contact to hold out is talk with xenia.  You should be given 100 XP for magic, defense, attack, ranged, and strength.  You'll also now allowed for the entry towards the catacomb dungeons in Lumbridge.  

Should you ever need to find more regarding what's going on you can proceed to question xenia; she will also notify you a little about herself. Xenia reveals that she was not seriously harmed by kayle but just wanted to set up how acceptable you're.