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Residential Doors Available in a Metal Door Company

When most people think about the metal door they often think of large segmented doors used in warehouses. In fact, there are several types of the door made of metal is also used in residential homes.

These doors can be used as a screen or storm door or a security door. An iron door company will offer a variety of styles for both of these categories. You can find the best door company through Afforde Doors.

Metal Storm Doors

These doors are generally designed so that they can be used within a few months of warm weather and in cold weather months. Doors will typically have a lower section and a frame made of metal while the upper part of the body will have a screen insert.

internal doors and fitting

A company selling these doors will offer customers their choice of panels made of glass or plastic. In some cases, both the top and bottom can be made of glass or plastic with an inset screen. The metal frame can be left colorless or colored coated with a weather-resistant material.

Metal Security Door

These doors are generally made of wrought iron to make them more difficult to breakthrough. Segment iron or bar can be shaped and positioned in the frame to make many different decorative designs. The more complicated the pattern is more expensive the door will be.

Residents interested in buying iron security doors can also find a company that sells a style that has a double lockbox. This frame allows a lockbox that will be used to lock the door and the grip pads may be used for the deadbolt. The dual system provides more security than a single lock system.