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Real Check Stubs For Employees Vs Independent Contractors

Generating real check stubs using an online stub generator becomes more convenient rather than the old traditional method. One can make the best pay stub online for the employee as well as contractors also using an online check stub generator.

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It is essential to know that the pay stub of the employee is different from the contractor's pay stub. If you're an employer then knowing this difference will help you when you will create the pay stub for them.No matter the tool to create the online paystub is the same but the stub generated for each is different.


The company hires an employee for a specific task that needs to be performed. The responsibility of the employee is to work regularly in a fixed hour and receives the paycheck in return with the deduction of state and federal taxes.

An employee cannot work for multiple companies at the same time. They usually work from the same location such as office so the employer needs to obey the country's labor laws. Moreover, the employee gets the medical benefit from the company.

An employee gets paid every month or for the fixed time of period regularly with the tax deduction of state and federal taxes.

Independent Contractor

When the company is hiring someone without providing their equipment which is essential to perform the basic duties and responsibilities of the task then the worker will be considered as independent contractors.

For the independent contractor, there is no fixed location to do the job as they are liable to do the work as they please.

The company paid to the contractor as per the agreement and if the employer doesn't want to continue to work then they will simply end the contract.