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Preventive Snow Removal Tips

Snow removal is one of the many services that you offer tenants for hire. Snow removal is also a preventive measure to reduce the risk and liability of slips and falls not only for your tenants, but also for family, friends, and other property visitors.

Prevention starts at the front entrance and ends wherever you can walk, slide, or fall. To know more information about residential snow removal in Edmonton, you can visit

residential snow removal

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When and how to protect your property

You need to clear the snow every day before you or your tenants go to work. If necessary, ice should be removed every hour, especially when it rains. If you use a contractor, it is advisable to have frequent conversations with them to determine the best time to visit your property.

Record the date and time you made snow on your property. Let your contractor do the same. If you are sued for slips and falls, the date and time the property was repaired can be used as protection under your homeowner's guidelines.

Some homeowners think it's enough to shovel the path across the sidewalk. Besides being insufficient, the blizzard after a blizzard made it difficult to fill buckets.

Snow without a shovel will be dense and heavy. Plus, you'll have a hard time finding a place for snow. A good cleaning path should be at least 42 inches wide. Provide space for the yard or alleyway in anticipation of a great snowy winter.