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Mistakes a Scrum Master Makes

It is not an easy task to assume the role of Scrum Master for agile projects. Each project has its own set of challenges and complexities. The worst thing is that Scrum Masters are often tempted to make mistakes due to the nature of their job.

This role is not for everyone. Many people who assume it are novices. Scrum Master mistakes are not uncommon. Below are three of the most common mistakes made by Scrum Masters.

The Wrong Role

Safe Scrum leaders often cannot distinguish between their current job duties and those of the Project Manager in traditional marketing. 

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Scrum Masters mistakenly assume the role of the senior Scrum Master, who is responsible for assigning tasks and approving decisions.

This approach is contrary to the principle of scrum strategy which is – greater output through self-organization by the development team. 

As a mediator

Scrum Masters can also fail to communicate with Product Owners and the Development Team.

This is a typical scenario. The team has questions, clarifications, or information about the product that it needs to talk about with the Product Owner.

These situations are where the team often raises their concerns to the Scrum Master, who then relays them to the Product Owner, who replies through the latter. This complicated interaction can often lead to communication gaps between the Owner and the Team.

The Wrong Attitude

However, the biggest mistake of a Scrum Master is not in what he does but in how he thinks. His attitude is flawed if he feels responsible for the Development Team's successes and failures. 

The Scrum Master's role, however, is to provide guidance and advice, not to supervise or be responsible for the Team's performance.

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