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Maintaining Hose Reels in a Pressure Washing Business

Many pressure washing companies will opt for automatic winding hose reels. Although on the surface this seems to be a fantastic strategy to save time and make operations more efficient, it encourages Murphy to attack.

More moving components and mechanics means more can fail and it will. It's easy to pinch the hose between the reel and reel's frame.  To learn more information about hydraulic hose services you may check here

Maintaining Hose Reels in a Pressure Washing Business

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We don't always advocate self-winding hose reels. Some hand crank hose reels are better unless you've got double steel toaster and are working with 10,000 psi burst pressure, in that event the hoses are thick and difficult to work with and hard to roll up.

It'll be always trying to roll up itself as you're working. An excessive amount of hose length can also lead to a problem by going past the limitation of the inner coil spring. You can correct it by carrying the reel apart. But if you take it apart you may void the guarantee.

Otherwise, this may cause the O-rings on your swivel to come and torn apart. Then your swivel will flow. New swivels price $30-$55 for great ones. You can purchase them in a hydraulic hose seller or in a pressure washer sales firm.

Greasing Unit

Small steps in preventative care increase the life span of your hose reel. There are two grease points on most high-pressure hose reels. You ought to grease them if it starts squeaking a lot or after a month under normal usage. You should keep a little grease gun on the job truck or in the cargo box on the pressure washer trailer.