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Instinctive Self Defense Weapons

Any form of self-defense can be more instinctive than using any ordinary objects around you to defend yourself against an attacker? Objects that are not going to raise suspicions Law Enforcement, or take up any extra space as you would have them either in person or around you and the environment as well.

Anything can be a weapon when your mind is a real weapon. The government cannot prohibit it, the habit cannot be confiscated, and the only time you do not have it is when you sleep. If you are looking for nylon paracord rope then you can explore

In a climate of current anti-weapons many times and in many places it is impossible to carry a gun or a knife. Even in your house at the time of the invasion of violence, you may not close with your gun or even a knife.

Here is a list of objects that may be some very good you might have in your environment that can be used as an improvised weapon or shield:


Some 550 paracord wrap around it and make the kind of weapons Koppo or use by itself. Either way, it is a popular alternative weapon. It can be used to momentarily blind the attacker or as an impact weapon. See special knowledge of how to use them effectively.

Car antenna:

Listen, particularly women walking alone in the parking lot. You simply can quickly break the metal car antenna and use it to fend off one or more attackers in a whipping action. Attacks can be very painful and effective and the least stun and will prevent an attacker from continuing.


The easiest choice is not the most effective or in fact, although it is often recommended by the instructor on the defensive. It should not be your first choice, but if you have nothing else at hand was better than nothing.