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Importance of Paracord for Outdoor Use

If you do something outdoors, you should always pack a few Paracords in your daily backpack or bag. You can use Paracord as a stripe to dry wet clothes.

Strip down to make bootlaces or threads. Use it to keep your food out of the reach of animals. Not only that, but the 750 Paracord development includes making handles for your knife or ax, as well as many decorative items and other utilities such as belts, rope hangers and watch straps.

Paracord comes in many color combinations. You are sure to find what you want for your needs. Just a few notes about using Paracord, if you cut the Paracord, using a non-jagged knife on a flat surface will produce fewer wrinkles at the ends than using scissors while cutting it.

Always melt the edges of your Paracord to prevent cracking. Hold the normal lighter about one inch below the tip until the nylon fuses into one. If you prepare Paracord at home, then you can secure the tip using a shrinking heat pipe, shrinking with a normal hairdryer.

Paracord is very flexible, always checking Paracord nodes. Paracord absorbs water, so pre-shrink your Paracord before using it to make utility items. Simply soak in warm water for 10 minutes and let it dry on a flat surface.