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If You Want To Work At A Delivery Service

Well, you better be good at talking to your customers. Because if you will be going out and taking all these stuff to the ones who order it then you are going to do a lot of talking and fake-smiling. Call it customer service, the worst kind of career you could ever hope for. For us at least. We just hate having to force to smile to people we do not really know. But hey, if that is your thing then go for a Dallas delivery service.

It should be fun for someone like you then. For us though, we have experience being in that kind of career before. Back when we were still in college, we had to do an On-The-Job training where we would be graded while pretending to work at an establishment related to our course. As luck would have it, we were a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management so that meant we would be training in a hotel.

We would work there and get the experience that we needed but going there everyday excluding Sundays. Now, nevermind the fact that we have to work on Saturdays because that really sucked, what sucked, even more, was the job itself. We were on the frontlines, we guess you could say.

We got stationed at Front Office and that meant taking calls, greeting guests and basically being the head of the whole giant establishment. We have to take the money, which is already a big enough responsibility and then would have to be fake enough to be nice to our rude customers.

And even if they talk crap to you right in front of your face, you are not allowed to actually defend yourself. What, just because these idiots are paying us we have to be nice to them? Is that it? What if the situation is completely unfair then? Are we just going to take that lying down?

Sure, most of them did not actually say or do anything completely rude to us, thank God for that. But we did keep having these old perverts that stayed at the establishment, trying to woo us. Like, dude, just because you pay big money and give amazing tips does not mean we are going to be dancing right into your freaking lap. Al these self-entitled old men just get to our nerves.

Oh do not worry, we did not humor them like that. They asked for a number, we gave it to them so we do not have to be rude. But if they do text or call, we immediately block the number right away. Or change our own because of that is easy from where we are coming from. They even tried to offer so-called friendship and money.

Like, wench, I know you just want to get in my pants and you are NOT getting any. Like hell, we would even tolerate their wrinkly asses, Jesus Christ. Seriously, do they think that just because women work in a working environment that has to be nice to them that we are entitled to actually LIKE them?

What are we? Prostitutes? And that is why we will never step foot in a hotel ever again. Unless it is guys that will do the staying and we would be the guests for once. But so far we have not any reason to do that yet. Who knows, maybe we could actually find a decent young man and he would take us there.