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How To Install Pinguy OS

Another Ubuntu-based Distro, Pinguy OS is interestingly focused on macOS refugees with a GNOME desktop environment to have it as a user-friendly desktop catering non-tech savvy folks who just want to try Linux. Here's a bit of a twist, the GNOME is nothing to a typical choice you have from other Linux. Courtesy by Antoni Norman, it was tweaked and modified with unique applications that are not common of mainstream GNOME. If you are interested in trying Pinguy OS out, you can install it with the help of the, which can be downloaded from Win32 Disk Imager website.

Pinguy OS

The GNOME 3.28 offers an alternative for a Geany text editor with the newest Pluma, a file manager app Nemo 3.8.3, though it doesn't have an email client, Thunderbird is available from its repositories. It is rather highly suggested to use the GNOME email notifications since it automatically works once as you log-in to your GNOME account panel. The striking resemblance it has for macOS is the intuitive clutter-free ambiance with a clean layout and beautiful wallpaper backgrounds that you'll love. Though it limits the workflow for experienced Linux users, it was all for the sake of minimalist design and user-friendly interface that welcomes new users. Its main objective is to provide familiarity workspace to use with ease.