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How Promotional Pens Can Grow Your Australian Business

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There's plenty of ways to market a business. One of the best ways is giving out promotional pens at corporate events or trade shows. Some people will pay for expensive billboards, to show their message to as many people as possible. Others might shell out for a TV ad, and put in the hours needed to get one that will properly attract people to their service. All these methods tend to be expensive and tough to get right – and if done incorrectly, can easily make your establishment a laughingstock to the public. However, there's a more subtle (and cheaper) alternative to those pricey options;

We see custom promotional pens all over – in every hotel room, at job fairs, at sponsored social events. They're an everyday sight – who doesn't have a pen they've got from some business or other? They're easy to buy, easier to distribute, but a little tougher to observe the effects of. It might bring in just a couple extra customers or clients each day, but it'll be a steady, subtle increase – one that can easily lead to bigger things.

More than anything, it's relatively cheap to get a bulk order of custom printed pens for your establishment. There's printing companies all over that will gladly send you shipments full of writing utensils bearing your name. The easiest – and most affordable option is in China, where many will order thousands with the click of a button. Just a little while later, and they show up at your door like anything else. Then, you can move onto distribution soon after – which is where the benefits really start to show.

The method is simple: you give your pens out to anyone and everyone. It's a simple way to get your name out there. They'll get out into the world, occasionally passing from person to person. Flitting from office too office, slowly going further. After all, just about everyone has accidentally stolen a pen or two from a friend and simply forgot about it. By doing this, you're taking your brand name and information and putting it into the back of people's heads – and they might not even notice that fact. It's definitely there, though.

Ultimately, it's a subtle effect that you'll see. Your business will be in the back of people's minds, and it makes them more likely to choose you when needed. It won't ever be immediate, as it takes time for that sort of subconscious message to make its way into someone's head. But every time you put one of those pens out into the world, you grow your brand name just a tiny bit. It doesn't matter what your business is, as long as you make it known on the pens themselves. That way, you increase the likelihood that a potential client or customer chooses you if they've got one of your pens. How many you have and how often you hand them out will also effect the outcome – if you only put a couple out, there's a limited amount of people who will see.