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First Aid and Safety Responsibility in the Workplace

Every workplace has a legal responsibility to ensure that they comply with sufficient First Aid. First Aid provides for early and immediate attention to people suffering from injury or illness and in some extreme cases; first aid rapid response can mean the difference between life and death.

In many cases the use of the right of first aid can reduce the severity of injuries and illnesses while also reducing unnecessary stress and anxiety. You can know more about us for more information about the First Aid and Safety training.

OHS Regulation 2001 establishes certain minimum standards for first aid; however, no two are exactly the same workplace. Factors that will determine the best first aid plan depends on the industry you operate in and special activities in your workplace.

To begin to determine your situation first of all you should look for hazards in your workplace. These are things that can cause harm to you or others involved with your workplace.

Second, you must decide how serious health and safety issues you might have. For example, what factors contribute to the risk of injury to yourself, your employees and your customers? Also injured what can happen, for example, burns or fatigue, and how likely they are to happen.

Assessing the risk is very important and should be done as a first step. Following your assessment of all the risks in the workplace, the next step is to eliminate or control the risks by making changes to protect people.